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The Six-Shooter is intended for the average person, who plays just about any Game that implements traditional 6-sided Dice. Inspired by the cylinder of a Western Revolver and displaying a vibrant Casino Chip Motif,  The Six-Shooter functions as a Single, Pair or Triple 6-Sided Die.
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All of our 2-D Dice Coins are designed to replicte the function of Dice to be used in a Legal and Lawful manner. We are not responsible for your actions or the outcome of events should you use the 2-D Dice Coins for or during illegal activities such as Gambling. Please refer to your Local, State and Federal Laws.
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It is not recommended to use a 2D-Dice Coin on breakable surfaces, such as glass tables, or rough surfaces which could tarnish the coin. COMMON SENSE IS ADVISED!
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